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Our understanding the quickly changing dynamics of telecom market, and experience in telecom vertical becomes handy to better serve the Data Warehousing and ERP needs of its telecom clients.

Telecommunications is at the heart and soul of today's technology explosion. Yet, it is the industry most susceptible to intense competition, consolidation, diversification, convergence, and technical obsolescence. We recognize that our strength is in delivering solutions with speed and quality to an industry that defines itself by speed and quality.


Insurance companies need to focus on specific customer attributes, convenience, infrastructure support for new service delivery, and provision for a wide range of services across dissimilar populations. Insurance Practice serves clients across the full spectrum of insurance and asset management. The practice knowledge domain includes all areas specific to risk and asset management, including underwriting, pricing, distribution, claims management, IT, operational effectiveness, and investment management.


We have deep knowledge of the financial services industry. Our strong presence in some of the world's largest money center firms has enabled us to understand that an organization's nerve center is where information, technology, and customer service meet.

We have successfully helped many clients launch new product lines, develop or enhance their web-enabled services, and/or integrate their back office systems to better serve their customers.We are dedicated to helping financial services companies solve complex business and technology issues with measurable results.

The financial services industry has undergone a dramatic change with the advent of the Internet, eCommerce and other advancing technologies. Continued consolidations within the banking industry are forcing companies to integrate, abolish or adopt new technologies and software applications to efficiently blend regional and nationwide banking operations. Infrastructure security issues are also at the forefront of the financial industry which is now playing in a truly global market and forced to provide 24 hour customer service.


The pressure is on in the retail services industry. Many traditional consumer companies must now reinvent both their brand image and service delivery capability. We sharpen their technology focus to deliver differentiated, consumer-centric services anytime, anywhere.

Many retailers today are struggling to increase store sales and meet profit targets, while their stock price is taking a beating. Our resources are aligned along industry groups to best address the issues facing retail customers. Our service lines support our industry focus, bringing similarly skilled and experienced individuals together to deliver focused and relevant solutions to the marketplace.


The Pharmaceutical companies are changing the face of health care offering unprecedented worldwide opportunities for health and healing.

We help our clients in the pharmaceutical industry tackle their most pressing data and knowledge requirements. We work hard to ensure that our technology solutions are populated with data that is consistent, timely, flexible, accessible, and aligned with our client's current business needs.

Skyrocketing healthcare costs, steady increases in the number of uninsured, failure of capitation in many markets, exploding pharmaceutical costs, health plans struggling to control medical and administrative costs, stringent regulatory environments and rising consumer expectations are all contributing to drastic changes in the Healthcare industry.

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