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We execute projects on-site and we also have 24x7 offshore development centers in India. The concept was developed after learning a great deal from working with our global clients over the years. We have tried to adopt newer and more efficient technologies; we understand our clients needs better; and we provide a standard of service far beyond our competition. Our development methodology reduces the overall cost of the project by 50%.

The centers in India offer select IT services to its strategic partners. m2M adopts a three-phase development methodology with established service level agreements, transparent management techniques and effective knowledge management initiatives. m2M uses an on –site Relationship Manager and an on-site Project Manager who work in conjunction with the Head of Offshore Development Center to manage the entire assignment.

Project Development Methodology

Our Criteria for a successful project:

You’ll find these characteristics in every project supported by our consultants:

  1. Clearly defined organizational requirements and scope

  2. Experienced project managers

  3. Transparency in all activities

  4. Timely management of resources and promptdelivery of project

  5. Standard status meetings with open communication

  6. Methodology customized for client’s environment

  7. Market research conducted to ensure that theproject is on par and as per expectations.

  8. Data gathering specific to client requirements

  9. Use of advanced technology

  10. Client participation in decision-making


Our Products under development.


Online Live Training :
Our Training Division is designed with the specific requirements of the software industry in mind: well-designed courses that enable you to learn about real-time software solutions to help you excel in, or enter into the software profession.

Expert in house instructors from top IT industries address your unique concerns at times that best fit your schedule, including practice hours. Talk to our training consultants and get into a program that can bring your employees to par.

Our expert instructors are available to teach on your machines online according to your schedule.

Available Courses :
Course Code Description Duration
m2M 001 Informatica - { info } 4-5 weeks
m2M 002 PL/SQL Developer - { info } 5-6 weeks
m2M 003 Business Objects XI R2/R3 - { info } 5 weeks
m2M 004 MS SQL Server - { info } 4-5 weeks
m2M 005 QA Analyst - { info } 4-6 weeks
m2M 006 SAP Basis, MM, Bw. FICO, HR- { info } 4-6 weeks
m2M 007 Oracle DBA - { info } 4-6 weeks
m2M 008 Java/J2EE- { info } 4-6 weks
m2M 009 Business Analyst - { info } 3-5 weeks
m2M 010 .NET - { info } 4-5 weeks
m2M 011 SharePoint Developer and Administrator - { info } 5 weeks
m2M 012 System Administrator (linux,Unix,Windows) - { info } 4-6 weeks
m2M 013 Web Designing, PHP Web Development - { info } 6 weeks
For other courses not listed above, Please email to

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